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Thanks alot for your resopnse Nmalinoski, it’s very informative and this is the kind of information I was looking for. Yes on shmumps I had some explanations about things, but nothing as informative as this, and also this thread here was to see if there were other distributors available just out of curiosity since this website is european technically. Shmups seems to have alot more north american people.

So you’re saying I wouldn’t need the Csync cable it would have absolutely 0 benifit? I thought that the Csync cables cleaned up noise in flat color areas compared to the luma cables?

OH one last question, you’re saying that the ps1 would send out rgb over the component cable without sync. On my PS1 that is arriving it is the scph-1001 the first ps1, that has the additional connectors for audio and composite video. Theoretically would the extra composite video output be able to be used as sync? (i really doubt i would try this, but I’d like to know out of curiosity)

This is the back of the ps1