Reply To: Firmware 0.84


Just wanted to give my input on 0.84a. Using my 1CHIP-03, with voultars rgb board/lpf off, using euroscart cable (Luma as sync) *should i get a different cable since csync is restored from voultars board?*

Anyway, I’ve had zero sync issues with 0.84a. Games I’ve tested.

Star Fox 1 & 2
Super Mario World 1 & 2
Megaman X
Street Fighter II Turbo (1 & 2 player)
Super Metroid

These are the settings I’m using on the OSSC for 0.84a, everything else is default from when I flashed the 0.84a firmware to the OSSC.

Video in proc:
B/Pb G/Y R/Pr gains = 50

Sync opt:
Analog sync LPF = 2.5MHz

Output opt:
Line5x mode = 256×240 optim.
240p/288p proc = Line5x

Sampling opt:
<Adv. timing> 256×240:
Sampling phase = 90
H. samplerate = 341.00