Reply To: MiST-Fpga with OSSC


Hi Bucko,

it’s no MiSTer (HDMI onboard), but a MiST (with VGA in 15kHz/31kHz)

I have to replug the Source many times before the OSSC would sync. I now wanted to try out the Scandoubled output of Mist FPGA via RGBHV on AV3.

The OSSC cycles through it’s inputmodes (very(!) fast), but it does not sync. I have to replug the Source (AV1) multiple times to get the OSSc to Sync to what is shown in the first picture in .
This is quite annoying. So I thought, lx2 576p should be the same like lx4 288p, but maybe without this annoying replugging.