Reply To: Trouble with Ghosting on SNES via SCART


The model number is S22467202, SHVC-001.

Upon further investigation, it appears that there is a chance that what I am experiencing is not ghosting (like found in the SNES Mini), but color bleed (which I didn’t even think was possible on RGB). I am also guessing that my added vertically scrolling, top-down noise bar is from the PCB within my Super Famicom. Apparently some consoles are just noisier than others. I am supposing the only way to alleviate this issue would be to buy a different model. 🙁

If you know any specific information about the SHVC-001, it would be great if you could link me to it. I found a lot of resources documenting SNES consoles, but not much for Super Famicoms. Thanks.

Edit: I used Mystic Quest (USA version 1.0) to determine that I have the following:
CPU: Ver. 2
PPU1: Ver. 1
PPU2: Ver. 3