Reply To: Just live with it?


Thanks so much for the detailed response, work, life and the virus have taken over here in the UK.

The TV is a brand new 4K samsung, and youre right it does seem to struggle, I couldn’t work out if the framemeister would be any better, but it sounds like from your experience it would be? i can live with a couple of dropped frames.

Is the OSSC pro going to be much different? I currently run all 13 of my consoles through the OSSC, my saturn is one of the new component retrogamingcables cable, its great quality, just cutting off the bottom.

I’ve looked on my TV and all inputs seem to be the same, you adjust each HDMI with the samsung TV internally, the heightened option for HDMI is switched on for all HDMI inputs.

Ill have another look later, but if i vcan get a reasonably priced framemeister would you say thats a good bet for an easier life?