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I’ve been using a number of different cables actually. To list a few:

– Official Nintendo s-video (SHVC-009)
– Consolegoods cable
– Generic Amazon
– Custom shielded from ebay seller

The Amazon and Consolegoods cable are by far the worst contenders. These are the ones with the composite cable attached. The custom made cable and the Nintendo cable fair a bit better but still with noticeable noise. The latter two are 4-pin din + 2 RCA (audio) only.

The consolegoods cable was still of use though. Because it was build with PAL systems in mind it came with a 75 Ohm resistor. Because the cable itself sucks, I took the resistor and soldered it into the custom shielded cable. Connecting Luma to ground. The brightness is therefor not an issue.

I also found that consolegoods claim about which consoles work and which don’t isn’t complete. They state that the Black consoles have s-video support and the coloured ones might not. This is only half true. What matters here is the motherboard revision and not the shell. As far as the PAL systems are concerned:

Do output s-video:
– PAL NUS-CPU(P)-01 revision
– PAL NUS-CPU(P)-02 revision
Don’t output s-video:
– PAL NUS-CPU(P)-03 revision
– PAL NUS-001(FRA) (french system)