Reply To: OSSC Sync issues specific to AV1


That I do not know, but for what it’s worth bypassing the CRT (PS cable BNC>BNC Scart) made no difference. It’s a late model PVM with an add in card, didn’t have any issues using the output with my USB3HDCAP (Again, when it worked) or feeding that output into other CRTs. Based on that, I THINK it’s 75 ohm.

Other oddities I’ve encountered unrelated to AV1:

– Everything I’ve thrown at it from the PS1 or PS2 shows up as 525i/263p, despite both consoles being NTSC. I’ve tried multiple units of both consoles. The output from the OSSC appears to be 60hz, so this on it’s own isn’t an issue. PAL games also show up as 525i/263p, for what it’s worth.

– The aspect ratio seems to change depending on the input resolution and rescale, particularly with interlaced inputs. Most of the time the image is about half way between 4:3 and 16:9. Behavior is the same between my cheapo HDMI capture card and an actual HDMI input into a computer monitor. Some of these settings also whack up the framerate on the capture card but I don’t recall seeing the issues on the monitor (albeit more focused on aspect ratio). The no line doubling option seems to be correct most of the time. I’ll have to go back and write down exactly which scale on which input had what output ratio, but 0 scaling worked correctly all of the time IIRC. EDIT: Looks like this can be helped with tweaking.

– Interlaced content doesn’t deinterlace amazingly, primarily menus having the occasional flicker/shimmer, but I’m fairly sure this is a setting issue that I just haven’t taken the time to look into. All of the timings stuff I keep hearing about.