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Hi leewrigley, sorry for the wait. I have done some tests with the OSSC control. But as I expected I was unable to get the overbright image to the proper levels. When adjusting either the pre-ADC gain or the Y’ input Offset or Gain I can adjust the brightness to my hearts content but it effects the whole picture. The problem with the N64 PAL s-video output is that the highlights are clipping and becoming the same brightness value. I’m afraid I don’t have any tricks to tackle this problem. It seems to only solution is to use a 75Ohm resistor on the N64 Luma output. Maybe we have some OSSC genius around who knows a better solution 🙂

I’m currently still waiting on the RetroAccess cables. I’ve received confirmation recently that they shipped the cables. Now I’m waiting for my overseas US address to receive it at which point I can send it to my home address.