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Andreas Römer

Hi BuckoA51,
due to my ACER LCD Display I have to choose the leftmost position of the C64VE mode switch.
No matter what i configure on my Retrotink, if I choose one of the other switch positions my display says: “Videomode not supported”. Bad luck for me. 🙂
I think the only way is to look after another display that supports 240p or YpPbr/Component Input. I was searching the internet but i didn´t find any proper device, not even on eBay. Perhaps you have a hint for a suitable LG oder Samsung LCD-monitor? In best cases it supports also 15KHz RGB (VGA) so I can use my C128 in 80column mode with it – using the GGLabs CGA2RGBv2 PCB. Even a small suitable LCD-TV would be fine.
For programming the C64VE FPGA firmware: Can I use the following device I found on Amazon?, article STK0114003019