Reply To: OSSC: Ps2 + GSM?


The PS2 is as finicky as it gets and it’s on a game to game basis plus for me, I can’t stand bob deinterlacing so choosing that or not is up to you. If a game natively has a progressive output option, use that (Not through GSM) and set to 960p on the OSSC. Soul Calibur 2 for example. Most games in my experience that don’t have a native progressive mode, use 1080i interlaced set to passthrough, as a lot of games will crash if you set them to progressive resolutions but I’m not entirely sure why that’s the case, but it’ll look very close to native 480p but then you won’t be able to double to 960p so you gotta deal with it. Dirge of Cerberus and God Hand are two games I have that I use 1080i with. Some games like Atlus SMT games, especially Devil Summoner and Nocturne literally renders the games field by field so forcing a higher resolution for example will give you the equivalent to 480i bob deinterlacing even at 480p through GSM and 1080i passthrough/bob. For those games, I use 480i passthrough. I’m hoping weave style deinterlacing is possible on the OSSC. The new PS1Digital allows it but I don’t know what FPGA it uses, and I don’t know if it has a frame buffer. The OSSC does not, but the OSSC Pro will. Makes me wish the PS2 were like the Dreamcast and GC/Wii where the games render in 480p and the built-in DAC interlaces it because then the PS2 would easy to work with lol