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There are two things that typically cause this, and the OSSC unfortunately can’t do much to account for either.

1) Games that switch between non-interlaced and interlaced modes. In doing so the line count per field and the display rate change. This forces the OSSC to re-sync to the signal (which is reasonably fast), and the display to re-sync to the HDMI signal and re-setup its display processing (which is often slow).

2) Games that switch off the video signal while manipulating graphics modes or memory between scenes. Since the OSSC no longer gets a sync signal, it has nothing to work with. Again, when the signal returns the OSSC must re-sync, and so must the display.

The OSSC Pro will be able to mitigate those problems, at least partially, by buffering the picture and decoupling the input and output display rates. The downsides will be a small amount of lag and micro stutter.

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