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Hi megari,

Thanks for the reply!

Here is a video I took of the color issue I saw with the original stock firmware with the following connection:
CPS Changer -> S-video -> Koryuu -> Component -> RetroTink Comp2RGB -> SCART/DB-25 -> PVM 2530

Everything runs fine for a while, then the colors start to flicker and eventually it goes to gray. Perhaps this gives you an idea of what may be going on. As noted above, with the firmware 1.1-test0, the problem is not as bad as with the stock firmware for some reason — I don’t have a video of that yet. With a direct S-video connection to the PVM 2530, this issue is not seen.

Thanks for preparing a test firmware. I’ll take a look and provide some feedback later this week. This problem is puzzling me and it very may well be an issue with how the output of the CXA1645 is being handled.

Thanks and Best Regards,