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Hi leewrigley,

I actually own the PAL N64 S-Video cable. I can tell you that it is by far the best cable I’ve used so far along with the NTSC RetroAccess cable. These two are mostly identical accept for the PAL modification and the mold for the Nintendo Multi AV plug being slightly different.

I assume you mean for the component cables to go from the Koryuu output. This will likely not change anything unless your current cables are garbage. I tried to compare cheap and thin RCA composite cables to professional component cables. The results were hard if not impossible to distinguish from eachother. However, if you’re chasing perfection like me, it could still be worth it.

I strongly believe that the Koryuu’s comb filter is to blame for the dot crawl noise. I’m unsure if the developer reads these forums. BuckoA51 is one of the Keymasters. Maybe he knows if he reads this?