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@Noctua OK, I see. The picture gives enough of an idea what you’re seeing. That the lines change direction and speed is something I am not quite sure what to make of – could be some sort of a sampling artifact combined with the interference pattern, with aliasing effects. In any case, it definitely does look like a clear interference pattern, and I’ll take your word for how jarring it is.

You mentioned having an S-Video cable from that has specifically been built for the PAL N64. Is it this one? Have you verified that the cable actually contains all the required components for a proper S-Video output from a PAL N64? PAL N64s require not only 75 Ohm termination resistors (to ground[1]) on both the luma and chroma line, but other components as well, specifically, capacitors with specific capacitances, to output a properly filtered S-Video signal.

According to viletim’s research, these components need to be present in a PAL N64 S-Video cable, as they are missing from the console itself:

  • Luma line
    • 75 Ohm resistor to ground
    • 220 µF electrolytic capacitor in series
  • Chroma line
    • 75 Ohm resistor to ground
    • 68 nF capacitor in series

(Source, based on viletim’s investigation)

Could you try and make sure that the cable has the components specified above, or some other configuration that achieves the same effect, please?

[1] Any series resistors should not be needed for proper brightness levels. Otherwise, something is likely wrong.