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Thank you @megari for the help and for your great FW and, yes, i mistyped the programmer’s name, i used the TL866A and TL866 II, powering the board with only it’s psu and by the ICPS vcc line (it gives 5V) only too, with its own programming tools. I checked the wiring connection with the Wiki’s pictures, but the programmer didn’t recognize the ATMEGA328P chip. It worked fine everytime with Arduino’s board, but tomorrow it should arrive the new usbasp programmer i bought for a few euros, so i’ll be able to do further test: I can’t look to use the new “save settings” option!

For the Y to Pr swapping, i supposed it was not only a software quest, so i’ll continue using cable (or Male to Male adaptors, flipping the Koryuu top-down, it worked but it looks not very nice! šŸ˜‰

And, about the “ugly” smoothing, i think it’s useful in some situation (for example, it reduces the artifacts in some solid colour i found with commodore’s and atari’s 8 bit) but the text are less readeable: it will be useful to smooth only “near” colours, and leave more sharp when pixel’s colours are more different!

Edit for update: tested with new USBISP programmer, but no luck: failing initialization, can’t enable chip, etc.. error with ProgISP and khazama i get.
Other strange thing, when connected to PSU, i get 5.28v on pin 2 of ASP port even if power toggle is off! is it normal or the board i get has something wrong?