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Thanks a lot!
The profiles provide an good improvement in comparison to the shipped ones!
But I having trouble to fine tune them, like setting the correct sampling phase. Currently the image is kind of wobbling and the leftest H-Line seems to have a grey shadow.
Iam using the PS1 320 profile for my current setup:

PS1 -> NFSIII -> NoName RGB Scart-cable -> OSSC -> HDMI -> 4k LG TV

Non modded Playstation 1 (PAL) with Need for Speed III Hot Pursuit (PAL) ingame resolution 320x256x16 (5:4 ratio) (got res from EMU like told here

The only setting I changed on the OSSC is the 5xframe resolution from 1920×1080 (16:9) to 1600×1200 (4:3) to have a ratio better fitting the ratio of the game.
To my understanding the profile tries to fit the input of the OSSC, but iam not sure about the multiple Timining Tweaks within your Config and how they are selected depending on the input?

Currently I tried to change the sampling phase on the OSSC within the menu:
sampling opt. -> Adv. timing -> 1600×1200 -> sampling phase

But this seems to be wrong… how do I know which Adv. timing has to be changed?