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I’m using a UHD 28″ Samsung LU28E590DS/ZA (phew!), so it’s a little bigger than what you have now. It goes up to 3840 X 2160, which is more than my current PC can even handle, so I’m future-proofing a bit. (Plus I like to borrow the PS4 Pro from the living room once in a while.)

The RetroTINK may be a better approach for you, and it may not – both the OSSC and RetroTINK were designed with TVs in mind, and, by using PC monitors instead, we’ve kind of opted out of simple solutions. For my part, I’m glad I went with the OSSC and took the time to learn it, since I can adjust to whatever weirdness the monitor’s processing adds. (Well, most of it, anyway…) That, and I’ve also got my old Genesis running again with a SCART cable, and that’s the exact kind of system the OSSC excels at.

Before you drop any more money, I’d say to go into the RetroTINK forums on here or elsewhere, and see what other people are hooking theirs up to. (Looks like you’ve already made a thread, but nobody’s responded yet.) In any case, “smaller screen=sharper picture” doesn’t really apply here, because both devices are essentially outputting new hi-res versions of the source signal, rather than simply blowing it up to a bigger picture. Sharpness is going to depend mostly on making sure that everything is set up right and doing its job.

Let us know what you end up going with!

PS – I’ve spent most of the day playing San Andreas and maxing out CJ’s muscle mass… so his scrawny arms in my sample pic already look weird, less than a day later!