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Yes I mentioned I tried another, similar result. I tried a 3rd, same issue, however I have tried a 4th (and old LG) and that gives more believable results, eg 60+ms. So maybe I’m lead to believe I’ve found a bunch of TVs incompatible with the Time Sleuth (an old: Panasonic, Samsung and Sony) but it’s not that it gives no reading, it tells me they are amazing. So my unfortunate conclusion is if I test a TV and it’s really good, either it is, or the Time Sleuth is lying.

Playing on the idea that maybe it’s picking up too much light, I tried lowing my brightness/contrast/backlight right down, which didn’t make any difference, but then added a bit of paper in between the TV and Time Sleuth. This time, I was able to get some more realistic readings from these TVs (which match my CRT comparison readings at about 20ms and 60ms) but only on the centre bars; I could get no reading from top or bottom.

Has no one else found this issue? Or do they just think they have a really good LCD with 5ms or less?