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My setup is a “Light Sixer” with 2600RGB and OSSC, currently to a 2020 Sony X800H TV.

While the settings in your guide are great, I’ve found some changes that produce a significantly better display that fills my screen:

Output opt. > 240p/280p proc = Line5X

I’m not sure what to test with H. samplerate but if I use the same ratio as your recommended guide, I can set it to 2044 (from default 2046).

Following the same logic, to shift the display to the center in Line5X:

Sampling opt. > Adv. timing = 1600×240 (because of Line5X above) > H. synclen = 198

I have issues with games that cause the OSSC to resync after the number of scanlines or refresh rate is changed. Some are noted in your guide, like Buck Rodgers transitioning between title and gameplay. Some new homebrews are more aggressive in playing with scanlines or refresh rate. , like the PlusCart(+) menus between selections, or Talvisota – a sniper game which seems unplayable.

I’ve been playing around with other settings, and not totally sure if these are making a difference in reducing the “black screen time” between sync, but it feels like it helps just a bit:

Sampling opt. > Allow TVP HPLL2x = Off

Doggone It! (homebrew)
Amoeba Jump (homebrew)
Keystone Kapers
Pac-Man 4K (homebrew)
Space Invaders
River Raid
Circus Convoy (2021 commercial release)