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I agree it seems likely not that many have the 2xPro-M so there’s a smaller volume of people testing and finding any issues. Particularly when there are so many different ways to use it, consoles, cables or operating modes etc.

I suspect a low volume was made and sold.

It would be good if people who have used the 2xPro-M in the same or similar set ups could comment regardless of whether they have had a problem or not. For instance with my post I don’t know if this problem is rare or widespread. It could be people out there are using it regularly as I described with no problem and that would be great to know. Then I could troubleshoot more and maybe find how many setup is different. Or if multiple people have the same problem then it adds more weight to there being some incompatibility with the TINK which hopefully could be improved with firmware. But at the moment it’s difficult to put a perspective on this.

I couldn’t agree with you more. I also have not been able to tell if the issues are isolated to my setup and other people are potentially not having the same issues with the similar setup. I think most people that come to this forum or redit have an issue and are desperate to fix it. People that don’t have issues do visit either of these sites and therefore aren’t able to share their thoughts.
It’s shame there is no official forum hosted from retrotink site. As there is a large community of enthusiasts and supporters. At the very least it would be good if there was an official support forum endorsed but retrotink with instructions on the retrotink site and in the box to make a site like the official forum.
Even only has one category for all retrotink products which makes it harder for people work out which models people are referring to in the posts.

2) Wii (PAL) with PAL ROMs/discs over component cables
a) get image loss playing 576i/50Hz games. get image loss irrespective of using the TINK in 2x or PassThru modes. the problems occur even after a reset.
similar issues encounted with 480i/60Hz but these are normally correctable through a reset.

How did you go trying older firmware?