Reply To: SSV arcade hardware + OSSC = No Sync


You can probably close this thread now, as I’ve figured out what the issue was: on the Pana Twin, there is a sync dial in addition to the RGB dials for fine-tuning the image. The sync dial on my Pana was at maximum when I got it back from repair originally, which funnily enough worked fine for most of my other boards and on my old TV, so I never really paid it any mind until recently when I needed to get it all hooked up into my capture setup.

So I took a micro-screwdriver and very gently started to dial down the sync dial while the supergun was switched on and connected to the OSSC, and after a certain amount of turning, the picture suddenly appeared, pin-sharp. I’ve done a small amount of fine-tuning, and now the OSSC is picking up all of my boards. I guess the SSV System boards need a lower sync output, otherwise the capture device doesn’t see it at all.