Reply To: TV compatibility report thread


Sony Bravia KDL-42W705B

SNES PAL RGB cable from Retrogamingcables (maybe sync on Luma but I’m not sure. It was bought some years ago and it was not specified).
It works OK with default configuration.
Image is a bit dark and it shows some noise (diagonal bars).
Image is lighter with Framemeister but it still shows noise.

SNES Mini. Modded with SUperCIC and RGB
RGB cable that came with the console (I don’t know how it is wired).
It works with default configuration (50 or 60 Hz) but sync is temporarily lost in some points of the tested game (DKC). When losing sync, OSSC LED goes red for a moment, the image is lost and after a moment, LED goes green and image is back.
To avoid losing sync, I have to set Analog sync LPF to 2.5 MHz.
Image is bright and it shows some noise (less than in PAL console). In 60 Hz mode noise is a bit less noticeable.
Noise is gone with Framemeister (SCART to mini-DIN with sync cleaner is used).

Linetriple mode does not work in any of the SNES models. TV shows a “non compatible mode” warning.

Noise is not related to OSSC since it is also shown if I connect the consoles to the RGB input of the TV.