Reply To: Brexit :(


I discussed this in some detail last newsletter, as Harrumph points out, if we strike a deal to stay in the single market like Norway and Switzerland, all my worries go away (at least with regards to the business side of things, I was 100% remain so pretty devastated anyway) and I can continue to import/export to EU member countries without worrying about duties.

If we fail to do this however, then things get more complicated and we might need to look at finding another distributor, though obviously I’ll do everything in my power to avoid that.

It’s tricky to predict. On one hand, EU doesn’t want a long period of uncertainty, on the other hand, giving UK preferential treatment after such a snubbing could lead to other countries wanting to break away and get a different deal.

Minimum negotiation time is 2 years after we formally submit our withdrawal, This can be extended, so no need for immediate panic.

I can only apologise on behalf of the British people, I love cooperation between UK and Europe, I believe we’ve made a big mistake, but time will tell I suppose.