Reply To: Some OSSC questions


Hi everyone, just new on the forum after acquiring that OSSC stuff,

To answer to dead_scream, I took a photo on my 16:10 Dell 2407WFP (1920×1200)
I launched Sonic 2 with PAL 50Hz MegaDrive I, the OSSC is in LineX3 mode with 16:9 format and we can clearly see that it have borders on each side (left, right, up and down)
I don’t remember any sync lose when entering a special stage zone but I didn’t check right now

The OSSC displays RGBS 313p – 15.55kHz – 49.69 Hz

I can’t test with Sonic CD as I don’t have the game…
On my side with my PAL SNES I lose sync when scrolling (as it as described in an other post on the forum)