Reply To: NESRGB Twin Famicom


I have not yet hooked my GBS+Gefen back up to confirm that the issue does not exist, but wanted to pose a few of questions…

First, anyone else out there using a NESRGB with their OSSC right now?

Second, Would scalers that use a frame buffer possibly be cleaning this up and correcting the “sync” issue before it is output to the display, where as the OSSC is just passing the existing signal and line-doubling on the fly, so these sync inconsistencies are more likely to be passed on to the OSSC?

Third, could this “ripple” or “wave” be caused by a crappy PSU. I did try a couple of Adapters with this console that gave me a lot of interference, diagonal lines, and a scrolling horizontal line? I finally settled on the AC/DC adapter I have now because it has the least amount of video interference.

Thanks! I’ll try to hook my GBS+Gefen backup up soon so I can compare.