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Just a quick tip that will be useful I reckon: I tried updating to 0.72FW with a micro SD class 10 SP branded card (came free with my WikiPad, unsure if the SP is a brand, but it looks like it is). I used Win32DiskImager as on the YT vid posted by our host.

The card was not detected by the OSSC.

The tip is this: Windows wouldn’t read the card afterward. I couldn’t format the conventional way so tried programs and all kinds of other stuff (typing in that black box, I forget what it’s called – I know, my IT skills are astounding!) when I came across this…

If your card is borked like mine simply put it in your Canon camera (others may work, but mine’s a Canon and so was the one in the example I found online) and select ‘low level format’ and after putting it back in the PC you should have a working SD again.

I tried the whole FW procedure again with the same result, and the low level format worked a second time; though on this occasion I also had to have the camera do another, non low level format to have windows detect the device.

Hope this helps someone, it helped me regain 16GB!