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Slightly off topic, do you mean the Elgato Game Capture HD? The one with analog inputs as well as HDMI? If so, I’m curious how you go about capturing 240p. As far as I know, it encodes 240p content as 480i before it even reaches the computer. And, of course, it won’t capture 240p over component so that limits it to composite and s-video. I have to then run the content through an avisynth script to deinterlace it and get it back to 240p.
Also, since it encodes it in 4:2:0, the color resolution is garbage by the time I get it back to 240p (I convert it to 480p/720p in avisynth, depending on what I need it for, to keep further color degradation to a minimum), flickering up and down since the capture was originally interlaced. They say their device supports “240i,” which isn’t a thing (and also indicates they really don’t know what they’re talking about) but the fact that it automatically turns it into 480i means it supports it like most HDTVs do– poorly.

In any case, do you do something similar when dealing with 240p source material, or is there an easier way to do this?

This is one big reason I can’t wait to get an OSSC. I want to be able to capture 240p content in a better way.