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Now that I have a programmed remote I can finally See all the settings. but for the life of me I cant getthe Yprbr input (xbox ) to display. if I set the output to 575i passthru I get a resolution error on the AV receiver and the TV shows “not available ” instead of no signal.

the other picture modes “3x or 2x ” don’t seem to change that number.

I also think that the Tripling / doubling is not takng affect on the test pattern screen.


Using my TV (Olevia 747i ) it was telling me the displayed resolution when line doubler was on was 1360×1024 . its a weird resolution that wouldn’ t allow the receiver to work (blue screen signal)

not sure how to enable the tripler, switching it to on didnt do anything .
currently i have it running as 480P with scanlines ^% and then running to the onkyo with output set to 1080p . looks very stunning for the xbox . the rest of the settings are defaults. (Xbox confirmed works )

I’m still learning about this device but I found that resolution odd


It looks like Games work but the main menu does not:

When Game is inserted: 31.46Khz , 525P 59.94Hz
When menu/startup : 15.73Khz , 525i , 59.94Hz

Whats the cause for this Frequency change and how can we have the OSSC detect this?