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No medical advice

We ask all members not to ask for, nor give out, medical advice. This is because if a member of these forums gave out medical advice that was incorrect, VideoGamePerfection / VGP Media could be held responsible.

No promotion of business interests

You may not promote any website or business you have a financial or other interest in, or use the popularity of this community to help build one of your own. We will make exceptions for this at our own discretion if the product or website you’re promoting is significantly useful or relevant to our visitors and doesn’t significantly harm our own business interests. The forums are here to allow people to freely share knowledge, not provide them with personal financial gain, or free advertising. You may however, place a link to your own personal website in your signature/profile.

No links or requests for pirate software, “warez” or any other illegal material

Providing or asking for information regarding pirated software, “warez”, “gamez”, “ROMS” or any other illegal copies of software protected by copyright is forbidden. There is no such thing legally as “Abandonware”. Discussion of region free mods is acceptable however.

No discussion of politics or religion

These topics are off limits even in the off-topic forum. Not because we hate free speech (quite the contrary) just because they tend to get people so riled up that it becomes a nightmare to moderate. We’re here to help you with video games, not how to vote in the next election or which deity to pray to. There are other forums and discussion boards on the net where you can debate these things.

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