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This page is dedicated to all things X-Arcade. For all the official adapters and for technical support, your first port of call should be X-Gamings website. X-Gaming don’t officially support retro consoles, so I’ve put up the quick reference sheets I made for my retro consoles as well as others that should be compatible. If you see a mistake please do let me know in the comments.

Hacking Tototek’s adaptors?

As you will see from some of the layouts, it’s unfortunate that they are not all ideal. As I was compiling the layouts, it did occur to me that changing the Tototek adapter button mappings might be as easy as simply changing a wire around inside the adapter. If anyone has tried this please do get in touch!

Now for the button mapping reference sheets, click on each picture for the full-size version. Each layout is using the X-Arcade to PS2 adapter then connected to the specific PS2 to retro adapter.


Untested due to no access to the console.

Amiga, Atari, C64 and other DB9 Computers

This one isn’t using a Tototek adapter, instead, it uses Paul Worthington/Kipper2k’s DB9 joystick adapters. Unfortunately these adapters seem extremely difficult to get hold of now.

Amiga CD32

Using the DB9 adapter discussed above.


An unfortunate button layout for the Famicom, which doesn’t place A and B next to each other.


The Tototek adaptor supports the full 6 button pad. Remapping controls within the game might be necessary of course.

Neo Geo

Again not an optimal layout nevertheless still usable for many games. A re-mapped hacked version of this layout would be very welcome.

PC Engine

Another imperfect mapping but still usable on many games

Sega Saturn

Luckily for us most Saturn games allow buttons to be remapped. Street Fighter Alpha 3 plays very well on the X-Arcade ultimate with the appropriate re-mappings!

SNES/Super Famicom

layout works for the majority of shooters that allow controls to be remapped, it’s not so comfy for Mario and the likes.

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11 thoughts on “X-Arcade Reference Page

  1. sqturn2k says:

    Hi there

    If I may ask, what x-arcade adapter are you using ? the “5 in 1” adapter ? Or the only-ps2 adapter ?

    Can’t get the tototek sega saturn adapter to work (stuck in slow motion and i can’t remove it, tried a lot), and also can’t get the Raphnet one to work (the x-arcade red led is blinking and can’t register any inputs).

    Any help would be appreciated. 🙁

        • sqturn2k says:

          Just a little update 🙂

          I received it. It’s transparent, not black.

          The original (only PS2) adapter work wonderfully with the tototek saturn adapter.
          It’s a joy to play radiant silvergun with my modded x-arcade.

          However, the raphnet one, unfortunately, does NOT work with x-arcade, with both the ps2-only and the 5in1.

          Also, for Dreamcast lovers, if you want your x-arcade to have a vmu port – the 5in1 don’t have a vmu port, so you need to get it on the 2nd or 3rd controller, and that can cause issues (The only game i know that is trouble for this is Ikaruga, but it’s one great shmup) – you can buy a EMS Total Control Plus (work with both the 5in1 and the original ps2-only adapter). Just don’t forget the little switch on the side :p

  2. Brian says:

    I also want to note if you use the Raphnet Technologies adapter I mentioned in my last post, and then add a Total Control 3 Sega Saturn to Dreamcast adapter in line as well, you’ll have the same Dreamcast layout as the 5 in 1 adapter, but with VMU support. The only drawback is you lose the Dreamcast analog stick support.

  3. Brian says:

    I just stumbled onto this guide via the X-Arcade website. I see this guide is almost a year and a half old, and I wanted to point out a better option for using the X-Arcade on the Sega Saturn. Use the Raphnet Technologies PS1/PS2 to SS adapter using the “Mapping 2 (XA)” option instead of the TOTOTEK PS1/PS2 to SS adapter. that button mapping option for that adapter is made to work perfectly with the X-Arcades button layout, hence “(XA)”.


  4. BuckoA51 says:

    Sounds like you’ve somehow triggered the slow motion control. Check the leaflet that came with the Tototek adapter as to how you toggle this on and off.

  5. Chris says:

    Using the 5-in-1 adapter and a TOTOTEK to SNES adapter on my tank stick, it is rapidly depressing the start button. Is there some sort of programming or special mode I need to toggle on my tank stick to get it to stop doing this?

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