No One Lives Forever – Fixed installers for 64 bit

Just a quick post to let all my hundreds (lol) of subscribers know I’ve just written a simple installer script for the classic PC game No One Lives Forever. This allows you to install the game and the first three patches (patch 4 works without modification) on a 64 bit PC. This saves faffing around manually editing registry entries and figuring out which files to copy from the original CD. I’ve tested this on the original release only (not the GOTY edition since I don’t have access to it). Enjoy this classic game on your modern PC!

No One Lives Forever – x64 compatible installer

No One Lives Forever – X64 compatible patch to 1.03

If anyone tries these and finds any bugs, please report them in the comments.

Note – The installers and a full guide to playing this game on modern PCs are now maintained here.

13 thoughts on “No One Lives Forever – Fixed installers for 64 bit

  1. MalcolmB says:

    Can’t get the 1.03 patch to work on Windows 8.1. When I run it says “Error opening file for writing:” and goes through the files it tries to patch if I click ignore.

    Disappointed. 🙁

  2. michael ballinger says:

    Im impressed!! Thanx for being as smart as you appear to be. good character as well – I was fearful of some DB importing a virus via this fix.
    Thanx again

  3. Russel says:

    ok… it DOESN’T work with the goty edition, when it get’s to the part for the second disc it says that it’s not the correct disc. The disc IS scratched, but I doubt bad enough to cause that. any workaround that I could use?

  4. Shalaan says:

    Mother of god, thank you for making this program! I randomly decided to play the game again and found out it was almost impossible to make the game work on a modern machine, but then I found this. Thank you!

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