New look!

Yes I’ve changed the look of the site again. The main reason for this is that I wanted a 3 column layout. Also, nice though the old template was, it did have rather a lot of bugs in it. For instance, I could only align images to the left. There’s also a tiny bit of Adsense on here now. I do currently work full time at being a webmaster, though I’m still not sure if I can get it to pay enough in the long term. The ads on here won’t even cover the cost of the hosting at the moment (most days they earn nothing) but hopefully over on the right there they aren’t intrusive to anyone.

I’m considering splitting out the PEXHDCAP stuff into it’s own category too. Being so versatile the capture card has a lot of potential uses. One of the users over on Shmups used the PEXHDCAP to test his new SCART switch, which highlighted the picture degradation that particular switch caused. In future all switches I test will be tested this way too, if I get time I may go back and test some of the existing ones I still have access to.

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