Quick update

So, everyone getting excited for the Wii-U launch? I know I am. Anyway, as stated before I’ve not been writing much here due to Windows 8 sucking up all my time. Well my Windows 8 book is out now, you can buy it here (shameless plug is shameless).

I need to dismantle and rebuild some bits of my setup on the weekend, then I should be back up and running, I promised a couple of friends I’d do a tour of some of the new retro gaming bits I’ve acquired, so that will be the first task. I’m also curious to know how the Wii-U performs running Wii software, as the component output of the orginal Wii was always a bit poo. I should be able to get some captures from the Startech card to directly compare the two.

Also, really need to get XCOM installed and start playing….

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