Introducing our retro console repair and modding service!

220px-Sega-Dreamcast-InternalsToday I’m delighted to announce that we’ve opened our new console modding service to the public. I’ve wanted to include something like this for a long time on my site, but finding a reliable technician proved more difficult than I imagined. Initially we’re covering just Sega consoles but the service could expand in the future to include other formats too. All payments are handled through the e-junkie payment service (that I’ve used for several years on and are SSL encrypted. Check out our range of mods and repairs here.

5 thoughts on “Introducing our retro console repair and modding service!

  1. Andrew says:

    I have a Sega genesis that need a full blow overhual ver two I know cheaper to by a new one it’s on the family since it was new wish it was kept in a better condition but here in New York my uncle didn’t expect get hot by hurricane Irene and the again by hurricane sandy and this is his pride and joy and he left it to me to restore if anyone can help bring it to life please reach me at (snip – leave an e-mail address here and you will get spammed to death!)

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