More Micomsoft information

XRGB3 Video processorJust a quick heads up for anyone who was considering an XRGB Mini or an XRGB3. Fudoh has posted a fantastic guide to the Micomsoft line of upscalers, where he details the strengths and weaknesses of each model. You can read his guide here.

I’ve also updated the XRGB Mini PAL torture test page. Since the Leo Bodnar input lag tester became available, lots of interesting information on input lag levels has been tested and recorded, and it makes for interesting reading. In short, the XRGB Mini isn’t as lag-free as we hoped, and has around 22ms of input lag.

Finally, I’ve also uncovered some more bugs in the DVDO Edge green. The Edge Green has a system called PReP, this is supposed to take badly deinterlaced content and sort of re-interlace it again before deinterlacing it for the display. However, this system seems to have a lot of bugs. If you get a corrupt image when displaying 1080p/60hz content, try going into the advanced menu and changing the PReP setting. Using game mode on the Edge is supposed to turn this setting off, but it doesn’t always. Furthermore, leaving the setting off actually causes the Edge to display a corrupt image in some cases. Sadly, another bug to add to a rather long list.

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