RGB Modded TurboGrafx, N64 and a Xbox for sale

pc-engine-box-shotI’ve added a few consoles to the store in time for Christmas. First of all there’s a superb, fully refurbished RGB modded PC Engine/TurboGrafx Turbo Duo console for sale. Fully boxed and with an import adapter too.

Secondly, there’s an RGB modded PAL n64, yes you did read that correctly. If you have a big library of PAL N64 games you can now play them in full RGB. The unit comes with a RAM expansion, RGB SCART cable and a controller.

Lastly there’s an Xbox. Just a regular Xbox this time, nothing fancy, but hey if you need an Xbox console, grab one here.

I’m a little sad to see my TurboGrafx go up for sale, but I’ve had a SuperGrafx and Super CD-ROM unit for a while, though it doesn’t look anywhere near as neat as the Turbo Duo. This is going to make a fantastic little addition to someone’s games room, check it out on the store page here.

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