Nintendo/Sega Power supply servicing now available

snes-psu-closeupJust a little update to let you know that we can now service the original power supplies for the NES/SNES and the Master System, Megadrive, 32x and Mega CD. While you can just get a replacement for these power supplies, often OEM replacements are cheaply made and can introduce noise into the picture. Since our repair service is very economical too (only £10 including return shipping to the UK) it can make sense to simply service your old PSU rather than take a chance on an OEM replacement. Of course the choice is yours! Take a look on this page for more information or to place an order.

Since I have your attention, coming soon to the site is a full tutorial on Mame HLSL and thanks to those lovely folks at a full review/teardown of the Turbo Everdrive flash cartridge for the PC Engine. Thanks to all our readers and customers for your continued support of the site!

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