Mystery Micomsoft product is for video capture

xcapture-miniMicomsoft, the manufacturers and designers of the XRGB line of gaming optimised video processors, have finally revealed their mystery new product. The XCapture-Mini is a new compact capture device specially for capturing and streaming those gaming sessions. After the success of the SC-500N1, the SC-512N1 and the X-Capture 1, were not sure what else the XCapture-Mini can bring to the table. Right now it’s unclear if this device will function as a standalone recorder (without a PC) or if a computer is required for storage. Considering the units diminutive size it seems likely that some kind of external storage will be required for all those captures.

This could be a great little addition to an XRGB Mini setup for anyone looking for fast, easy video capture. We’ll bring you more details as soon as we have them.

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