RGB and the Framemeister

mlig-framemeisterI wanted to give a quick shout out to Couryc and Tryumph4ks over on the Youtube channel “My Life in Gaming“. They’ve just added an amazingly well produced video about the XRGB Mini Framemeister and how it can improve the picture quality of your retro consoles. I was lucky enough to be involved as a consultant while the script for this video was being written and it’s fantastic to see my input on the end result. Get clicking here to watch this excellent video. If you’ve never checked out this Youtube channel you should, the videos are well researched and the guys there talk about gaming with a genuine passion in a manner that’s far more professional than the usual, profanity laden Youtube content.

Speaking of XRGBs, those of you that follow my Twitter account may have seen some ramblings about the venerable XRGB3. I’ll have some exciting updates for XRGB3 owners in the next week or two, I just need to do some more ‘testing’ (aka wasting time playing Soldier Blade 🙂 ).

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