The curious DVDO Edge lag bug

DVDO Edge VideoprocessorSadly we’ve had to update our DVDO Edge article due to confirmation of another bug in the unit. This time there’s no workaround and it affects gaming directly. While comparing his new DVDO Edge to the older iSCAN VP30, user Xyga from the shmups forums discovered a curious anomaly. Instead of the excellent 6ms input lag times the ABT scalers usually give, he was getting a much less impressive 25ms. After further research we can confirm, certain systems have increased input lag on the DVDO Edge. This applies regardless of whether you connect them directly or if you chain them through an XRGB3 first. Currently the following systems are known to be affected:-

Nintendo 64 NTSC
PC Engine
Sega Megadrive (PAL modded consoles running in 60hz)
Sega Saturn (All models when running 60hz content)

Visit our full DVDO Edge FAQ and guide page here. According to Xyga’s research, the iScan VP30 and the iScan VP50 Pro are NOT affected by this bug.

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