Dreamcast and the Toro VGA box

toro-vga-boxThe Dreamcast often confuses gamers with its array of video cables and boxes. Understanding how to connect the console up and enjoy the best picture quality can be tricky. While you can just keep swapping between your VGA box and your SCART cable, this isn’t ideal as it can cause wear and tear on your classic console. There are a number of better solutions, including the soon to be released Toro VGA box, which offers both SCART and D-Sub15 (VGA) outputs. What’s more, the Toro box can send both 15khz and 31khz signals down either cable, making it the perfect all in one solution to connect to anything from a CRT VGA monitor up to an XRGB Mini. If that wasn’t enough, the box also includes a built-in scanline generator too, as well as a 2 RCA audio breakout. It’s really difficult to imagine a better, more flexible Dreamcast VGA box/cable.

If you’re still confused about the hows and whys of connecting up the Dreamcast, check out our recently updated article which discusses the subject in-depth here. You can find out more about the Toro VGA box by visiting this page.

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