240p Test Suite now available for PC Engine

240p-test-title-man-closeup-papJust in case you missed it, Artemo has made the extremely useful 240p Test Suite available for the PC Engine/Turbografx range of games consoles. The 240p test suite is the perfect way to test if your TV or upscaling solution is correctly handling your vintage gaming systems. With a huge range of tests you can check things like picture geometry and sizing as well as colour calibration and deinterlacing/linedoubling performance. Obviously we’ve tested this new version and the suite ran just fine on our Supergrafx console from our Turbo Everdrive cartridge. Interestingly it revealed that the image from the PC Engine was slightly squashed on the horizontal, by both the XRGB Mini and the DVDO Edge, a discrepancy other users seem to have noticed too.

For more information about this latest addition to the 240p Test Suite family, check out the official Wiki here. You can download versions of the suite to run on both Hucard (via a flash cartridge) or CD-ROM here.


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