Extron Crosspoint Switch Gallery

The pictures below show the Extron Crosspoint switch in action. The shots are of the 240p test suite running on a NTSC/Japanese Sega Megadrive with the Pack-a-Punched raw sync SCART cable. The SCART cable was connected to the Extron matrix using this adapter. The pictures were taken using the Startech PEXHDCAP capture card and uploaded manually to the website to avoid any picture processing WordPress might do. The left hand side shows the Mega Drive connected directly to the capture card, the right shows the difference the switch makes.

[image-comparator left=”https://videogameperfection.com/support-files/scart-compare/240p-test-title-none.png” right=”https://videogameperfection.com/support-files/scart-compare/240p-test-title-extron.png”][/image-comparator]

[image-comparator left=”https://videogameperfection.com/support-files/scart-compare/drop-shadow-1-none.png” right=”https://videogameperfection.com/support-files/scart-compare//drop-shadow-1-extron.png”][/image-comparator]

[image-comparator left=”https://videogameperfection.com/support-files/scart-compare/drop-shadow-2-none.png” right=”https://videogameperfection.com/support-files/scart-compare/drop-shadow-2-extron.png”][/image-comparator]

[image-comparator left=”https://videogameperfection.com/support-files/scart-compare/colour-bleed-none.png” right=”https://videogameperfection.com/support-files/scart-compare/colour-bleed-extron.png”][/image-comparator]

[image-comparator left=”https://videogameperfection.com/support-files/scart-compare/drop-shadow-2-none-zoom.png” right=”https://videogameperfection.com/support-files/scart-compare/drop-shadow-2-extron-zoom.png”][/image-comparator]  

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2 thoughts on “Extron Crosspoint Switch Gallery

  1. Mag says:

    There is a tone change in all the images with the extron: is it due to a loss of quality or only a little technical detail (like imprecision of the capturing device, moving sprite) which has nothing to do with the quality of the extron output ?
    It can be seen very clearly in the Beeton’s wings which are not white any longer but blueish instead. (just let the cursor in the middle of a wing to see it)
    It is also seen in the skin tone, or the green of the palm, where the color is a little bit darker.

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