Technical Gremlins! Bear with us…

gremlinThere was a hack attempt on our site over the last few days. Our fantastic hosts at MDDHosting detected the problem and closed off public access to the site before any damage could be done. We’ve checked our logs and can see no suspicious activity and we’re confident no customer data was compromised. The hack exploited some old files in an old version of our theme, so we’ve moved to the newest version of the theme which unfortunately means we’re having some technical difficulties as we adjust, so stick with us for the next few days while we work those out. You should still be able to use the site just the layout will look a little screwy.

Update – Most things should be working correctly now, but there is a problem on some of our store/modding pages where you cannot scroll down the page. We’ll hopefully get this sorted before we re-open our modding service in January.

Update 2 – That problem should be fixed now and everything should work as intended.

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