How to transfer save games from your Dreamcast console

dc-sd-readerOver on (my website all about Dreamcast emulation) I’ve just added a tutorial that covers transferring save games from a real Dreamcast console to a PC.

If you owned a Dreamcast back in the day or if you still play on yours now, chances are you have filled a VMU memory unit or two with save games. There are lots of reasons why you might want to transfer this data to the PC. Having a backup of your save games on your PC is never a bad idea, older memory cards can and do fail, after all. Furthermore, wouldn’t it be great to revisit some of those save games on the emulator? You could revisit your favourite titles in HD without the need to unlock all the extra levels or features you played so hard to unlock back when the Dreamcast was new.

To transfer save games you need a working Dreamcast console, a SD card reader and a copy of Dreamshell. Once you have all of those things, the process is fairly easy. Check out the full tutorial here for details of what to do.

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