Quick update on stock/product availability

We’re getting a few e-mails lately asking when various mods, products etc. will be available. We’ve had a rush on certain components lately and we’re doing our best to restock as quickly as possible. Keep in mind some of the mods we offer use components that are designed and produced by people in their spare time, so delays are always inevitable in this case.

Gamecube HDMI – This is progressing quite well behind the scenes and we hope to have some boards to fit this month predictably it’s delayed again, until next month now. If you want to be on the waiting list, contact me here and state which country you live in.

Megadrive/Genesis RGB bypass – This has now sold out. We performed a test fitting of this part and found that it did make an appreciable difference to picture quality. We intend to get more stock in the future but we’re looking at redesigning the part so that no modifications are required to existing SCART cables.

N64 HDMI – Sadly no sign of any boards for months now and no word from the supplier.

Nintendo RGB Amps – We still have a handful in stock and a few at our workshop. A re-stock is underway.

Open Source Scan Converter (OSSC) – For the latest news on this device, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter here.

SNES SPDIF – This will be re-stocked probably in June now. There are still a couple at the workshop for people wanting installation services.

SNES SuperCIC – A restock was underway, but unfortunately the PCBs were lost in the post. A new order has been placed, ETA around 30 days.

Sync in SCART – Just one left! We’re negotiating to buy some more.

3 thoughts on “Quick update on stock/product availability

  1. Arran says:

    That’s a real bummer about the UltraHDMI. I hope it wasn’t just a one and done kind of deal, I’d love to be able to play all of my N64 games in glorious de-blurred 1080p!

  2. Daryl says:

    So glad the Gamecube HDMI is moving along! This might seem weird, but I have been so excited to mod my GameCube with the True HDMI, that I have been actually dreaming about it LOL. I know it’s not going to upscale the GameCube’s internal resolution but I am dying to see all of my GC games in 480p! So glad I’m on the wait list! I’m throwing my money at my screen lol!

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