TowerFall Ascension on the 4-Play? You bet!

While our newest product, the 4-Play adapter, is clearly aimed at emulator users, it’s a useful device for many native PC games too. This is particularly true for those awesome local multiplayer games that are an ideal way to while away a Saturday evening with friends. One such game that’s often played here at HQ is TowerFall Ascension. When the 4-Play arrived, we eagerly tried it in combination with the game, only to find that, out of the box, it simply doesn’t work correctly.

Luckily, TowerFall has excellent support for all game controllers and it’s just a matter of adding the correct bindings to an XML file. You can do this yourself by following this guide. Alternatively, simply download the pre-made XML file here. Once downloaded, simply unzip the file and then pop it into the Gamepad_Config folder within the TowerFall game directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\TowerFall\Gamepad_Config by default).

Once this is done, you can play TowerFall with your 4-Play adapter and your classic controller of choice (the Sega Saturn pad gets our vote). The only downside is that the buttons shown on screen won’t necessarily match your gamepad, but that’s unavoidable since every pad places them in a different location.




Now all you need are three friends and some beers, game on!

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