Sync in SCART and SNES SPDIF back in stock

Sync in SCART boardSNES SPDIF/Digital audio upgrade board

Just a quick post to let you all know that the Sync in SCART boards and the SNES SPDIF (digital audio) upgrade boards are back in stock again. You can order the Sync in SCART here and the SNES SPDIF here.

The SNES SPDIF upgrade is a great way to eliminate the annoying audio buzz or hum that the console normally outputs, especially when the picture is bright. The Sync in SCART boards are a neat way to convert a SCART cable to clean CSYNC, for use with a Extron switch, for instance.

3 thoughts on “Sync in SCART and SNES SPDIF back in stock

      • lapster says:

        Thanks for the reply!

        Yes my bad, dunno where i found that pin layout.. Nonetheless have you had time to read my original problem I’m trying to solve? in short i own a B&O MX6000, i get SNES RGB just fine from the scart RGB cable, but when connecting my wii with a scart RGB cable it uses the composite picture instead of just syncing the RGB to it. will striping the picture help me. no documentation can be found on what RGB sync my b&o tv uses. i don’t know if the sync is the difference in the wii and sees cable but that would be the most logical?

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