Welcoming a new Super Nintendo specialist

We finally have some good news for Super Nintendo fans as we’ve found a SNES/Super Famicom specialist willing to take on all our popular SNES mods. Mods have been progressing through our system very slowly of late, which is frustrating for everyone, but this means you can get your SuperCIC (switchless region free) or digital audio mod professionally fitted without a long wait (turnaround is expected to be about 1 month).

RGB mods for the SNES Mini/Super Famicom Junior are coming soon and will be better than ever before. Not only are we using our re-designed RGB amp, but we’re also able to perform the advanced brightness/ghosting fix for the best SNES Mini/Super Famicom Junior picture ever!

The only bad news is we had to increase prices to cover some additional overheads to make this happen, but as always you can buy these upgrades as DIY kits too, should you be skilled enough to fit them yourself or know a local modder who can help you.

Click here for SuperCIC mods.

Click here for SNES digital audio/SPDIF mods.


4 thoughts on “Welcoming a new Super Nintendo specialist

  1. Ricky says:

    I have a 1-chip console with a SuperCIC and RGB mod, and I would like to add the brightness/ghosting fix. Is that going to be offered separately?

  2. DigitalElixir says:

    Awesome! What is the difference between a “regular” run of the mill RGB amp for SNESjr and the new re-designed amp? If one had a regular RGB mode done to their SNESjr, would it be worth upgrading to the redesign? Thanks!

    • BuckoA51 says:

      Uses the THS7374 amplifier, which can generate a sharper image.
      Optional low-pass filter (selectable at time of install).
      Optional buffered CSYNC (clean composite sync).

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