Nintendo RGB amps re-stocked

A small number of our new Revision 4.1a Nintendo RGB bypass amps are now available. Like the previous revision, this one also uses a THS7374 amplifier but has a few small amendments to the PCB to aid in assembly. Progress with this mod has been rapid over the last few months and new, improved techniques for fixing the 1-chip SNES’ brightness and ghosting issues have appeared. Big thanks need to go out to Voultar, Borti and many others for their amazing work with SNES 1-Chip RGB mods.

As techniques have been improved and recommendations changed over the last few months, please review the product notes if you’re going to buy an amp, even if you have fitted one in the past.

Amps are available here for DIY installers and you can also order a fitting service for the 1-chip SNES here, and the SNES Mini/Super Famicom Jr/New-Style Super NES (whatever you want to call it) here.

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